‘Upstream and downstream Oil & Gas’

The Hague is characterized by the presence of many  international Oil & Gas companies (both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’), research institutes, educational institutes, engineering firms, small and medium enterprises and suppliers. One of the largest energy related companies in WestHolland is Royal Dutch Shell with its global headquarters in The Hague and a global exploration and production expertise center in the neighboring city of Rijswijk. Other energy and geosciences related institutions present are the Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry (IRO), the Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (Nogepa), the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the Delft University of Technology.


Home to many key science and innovation clusters

Parallel to this though is a growing and increasingly important sector: the energy of tomorrow.  Renewable, new and sustainable energy sources, such as wind and solar power or energy drawn from the biotech industry are also becoming areas of expertise and innovation in the region, which is home to key science and innovation clusters. These next generation energy sources are also being developed and tested in the WestHolland region, supported among others by Yes!Delft.


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“Cirrus holds an extensive portfolio of both exploration and development interests in the Netherlands in a total of eight offshore blocks in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.”

Mr. Rudy Weerheym, Former General Manager of Cirrus Energy, The Hague

“Their network was of great importance for us. They have direct contacts with local authorities and businesses.”

Mr. Rudy Weerheym, Former General Manager of Cirrus Energy, The Hague

“Our business is truly international and Schiphol Airport has proved repeatedly to save time and energy since most of the Oil & Gas Provinces can be reached by way of non-stop flights.”

Duncan Weir, Managing Director Diamond Offshore EMEA

“The main benefits to Diamond Offshore in having an office in The Hague range from corporate tax benefits to enhanced personal life-style.”

Duncan Weir, Managing Director Diamond Offshore EMEA

“The WFIA and Bureau Internationale Zaken (BIZ) of the City of The Hague have been very supportive and helpful during the establishment of CIIL’s Hague office. CIIL encountered a number of difficulties, especially at the beginning, e.g. finding reliable notaries and tax advisors. WFIA helped CIIL with these matters and is still rendering its support, for which CIIL is very grateful”

Michael Liu, Executive Director CIIL

“To further increase our international position and optimize our services we have chosen for a location in Rijswijk. The Plaspoelpolder business area was a very good option due to the central location and great connectivity. Last but not least, we are located next to Shell, one of our biggest and most important business partner”

Jouke Brouwer, Fircroft’s Dutch Country Manager.

“To better serve potential and existing European clients, Fircroft decided to open an office on the continent. With a strong energy presence in WestHolland, Rijswijk was one of the locations on their shortlist. The WestHolland foreign Investment Agency together with the Netherlands foreign Investment Agency played an important role in finding a location at the Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk.”

Jouke Brouwer, Fircroft’s Dutch Country Manager.

“During the process of setting up our office we were put in touch with the Westholland Foreign Investment Agency. WFIA were extremely helpful in assisting with our immigration requirements. They introduced us to an extremely capable immigration advisor and were instrumental in us getting the necessary immigration license with the Dutch IND.”

Niels Evans, Operations Manager, Nes Global Talent, The Hague

“The WFIA has played an integral part in our successful start up and it has remained a close ally of ours to this day. We were advised by the WFIA several months before we entered the country. From the early basics (arranging office viewings and connecting our staff with real estate agencies) to registration necessities (KVK/SOFI numbers and bank accounts) and more personal aspects such as showing us round the city, the organisation has been a great source of support.”

Albert Kahlow, Netherlands Country Manager & Global Shell Account Manager – for Air Energi

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10 reasons to invest in westholland

Attractive &
fiscal climate
Best Internet &
IT infrastructure
highly educated
labor force
Largest choice
of international
High quality
of life
Home to
Key Science
Stable political
and legal