Home to many global IT & Telecom operators

Due to the presence of many national and international telecom operators, such as KPN, T-Mobile, AT&T, ZTE, Siemens, Samsung and Huawei, the greater The Hague region is the ICT & Telecom capital of the Netherlands.


Smart cities, smart world

The DHL Global Connectedness report of 2014 classified the Netherlands as the most ‘wired’ country in the world and can be seen as the gateway to Europe. The Hague, with its connectivity is also noted for its sophisticated fiber optic infrastructure, as well as the investment being made by the city in terms of facilitating the creation of the ‘Next Generation Network’, which seeks to enable higher bandwidth internet connections. Smart Cities are the future, and the future is evolving in the smart city solutions and smart connectivity being explored and developed in WestHolland.


Big data and security solutions

An ever growing digital world though, with its growing data also raises security risks: risks which require solutions. Parties such as the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Thales, Siemens, Fox-IT, the City of The Hague and the Ministry of Safety & Justice are strengthening the country’s leading position in this field through the synergetic combination of security, innovation and economic development. To further facilitate and contribute to the security cluster of the greater The Hague region, initiatives such as The Hague Security Delta (HSD) and the Bordersecurity Innovation Centre (B.I.C.) are joining forces and addressing the increasing demand for innovative security solutions.


The Hague Security Delta

HSD is a network of Dutch Safety & Security services located mainly in The Hague. With over 175 connected companies, organizations and government agencies, the HSD has become the largest Safety & Security network in Europe, where public and private parties cooperate to create innovative security solutions. The HSD is reinforced by the Netherlands’ international competitiveness in the growing security industry, and is contributing significantly to the economic growth of the region. The HSD and The Hague have a shared ambition: a secure world and economic development.


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“This is the solution that marketers and digital industry have been waiting for. Advertisers are enabled with tools to communicate with potential buyers and to clearly focus on their messages – either indoor and, for the first time, outdoors. Today, this ground-breaking European technology is available to advertisers around the globe.”

Han Verbaas, General Manager Viziware

“We chose for Zoetermeer because it is centrally located between The Hague and Rotterdam. Zoetermeer is ICT city in Netherlands and we are partnering with The Hague University IT department to jointly develop refined recognition technology. Zoetermeer is also a very ‘green’ environment with many leisure facilities, outdoor activities and many parks. We also found a nice school for our children in Zoetermeer. The assistance of the city of Zoetermeer together with WFIA played a huge part in our decision-making process.”

Ms. Cheng General Manager eWins

“The business environment and the can-do attitude and skill set of our local employees has us well poised to take a position on the world stage.”

Adam Palmer, CEO, Gramble HQ, The Hague

“I am extremely positive on establishing the business in WestHolland. Being based in The Hague has proven to be a masterstroke in establishing Gramble.”

Adam Palmer, CEO, Gramble HQ, The Hague

“In addition, a very attractive feature of WestHolland that contributed to our decision is the abundant resource pool; the educational institutions in the region provide a steady supply of qualified young engineers . This makes for a very productive environment for hi-tech companies wanting to expand their operations in Western Europe and beyond.”

Tyler Williams, Wurldtech The Hague

“The help of the WFIA, as well as the personal commitment on every single issue, was the key reason to choose them as our business partner for relocation. From the earliest stages of negotiations, the WFIA specialists were clear with explanations and helpful with information important for decision making.”

Mr. Gorbachevskiy, CEO Infographer

“Advenit has also a unique opportunity to enjoy all the benefits provided by the Westholland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) such as an introduction to the Dutch ICT/Telecom cluster. An initiative from WFIA helped Advenit to make the first step into the global network of WTC International Business Club (IBC).”

Ms. Irina Birman, CEO Advenit B.V.

“Since the very first day, working together with the WFIA was extremely helpful. They helped us with choosing the best possible location based on all important criterias for our company, providing innovative services for museums and exhibitions. They guided us during all important negotiations with partners while setting up the company. I would highly recommend to choose WFIA as your preferred partner and a friend if you decide to explore Netherlands as the business location.”

Vadim Lazuko, Director, Acrodis Europe

“After participating in the Dutch-Russian IT matchmaking event in The Hague in November last year, the Netherlands turned to be the best place to locate and launch our technology into Western-Europe. The advice and support provided by WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency, together with the partnering of EMEAGO encouraged us to take this step.”

Katherina Ufnarovskaia

“thanks to our friends at WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) for all their expert help in facilitating the launch of our Dutch operations in a very streamlined manner. Their energy and professionalism have really been extremely supportive.”

Mr. Pozdniakov, CEO, First Line Software

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