49 foreign companies invested in The Hague in 2016

The Hague – In 2016, a total of 49 foreign companies invested in The Hague. They either opened a new office or expanded their business in the city. Over the next three years, these companies are expected to create 588 extra jobs for the city.

Invest in The Hague

Vice Mayor Karsten Klein (Economic Affairs, Harbours, Welfare and Health) says, “The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, is attractive to many transnational companies and organisations. The presence of a range of innovative enterprises and the large international community are of great importance to the city. Foreign direct investment (FDI) creates extra jobs. More companies, more jobs. It’s as simple as that. The Hague genuinely has something to offer to foreign investors.”

Vice Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven (Knowledge Economy, International Affairs, Youth and Education) states, “The city offers excellent infrastructure and provides access to a large pool of highly educated talent. Governments, private companies and knowledge institutes work closely together to create an innovative economic climate. This is valued by many foreign investors in important sectors, such as security and IT, and enhances the prospects for economic growth and job creation.”

Increase in investments from America
In 2016, more companies from North America invested in The Hague. The city welcomed 10 new companies from the continent compared with four in 2015. Over the last two years, the City of The Hague and its acquisition partners, WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) and InnovationQuarter, have invested in new networks in North America and the effort is paying off. Most investments have been in the areas of security, IT and business services. Despite the growing interest from North America, however, China was the city’s main investor for the fifth consecutive year. A total of 16 Chinese companies settled in the city during 2016.

The Hague, International City of Peace, Justice & Security
The Hague is the place to be for companies and start-ups aiming to create a global impact with their social and technical innovations. The city helps these enterprises to take full advantage of each other’s knowledge and networks. In 2016, companies such as the tech start-up Red Tulip Systems – providing solutions for safe communications and ID protection – and the social enterprise Samasource – helping to create opportunities for low-income people in impoverished areas by matching them with digital work – arrived in The Hague with huge ambitions.

Samasource workers

Samasource Delivery Center

Cooperation on FDI
The Netherlands and the City of The Hague regard foreign investment as very important because it boosts economic growth and job creation. The 49 foreign investment projects result from the joint effort made by Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), WFIA and InnovationQuarter. Both WFIA and InnovationQuarter are part of the ‘Invest in Holland’ network and help the city council to promote The Hague and its attractive business climate to an international audience.

An additional 1100 jobs for the city
Possibly the biggest project of 2016 was the arrival of the American listed engineering giant Jacobs in The Hague, which brought an extra 1,100 jobs to the city. The company opened its new office in early 2017.

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About InnovationQuarter
InnovationQuarter is the regional development agency for West Holland. It finances innovative and fast-growing enterprises and helps international companies become established in West Holland. InnovationQuarter also facilitates (international) collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments. By collaborating with the business community, InnovationQuarter is helping to make West Holland one of the most innovative regions in Europe.

About NFIA/Invest in Holland
NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) is an operational unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It helps and advises foreign companies on the establishment, roll-out and/or expansion of international activities in the Netherlands. NFIA was established more than 35 years ago and has since supported nearly 5,000 companies from more than 60 countries.

NFIA also works with Dutch embassies, consulates general and other organisations representing the Dutch government abroad, as well as with a broad network of domestic partners (such as WFIA and InnovationQuarter) under the ‘Invest in Holland’ label.

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