Experience of internet security best in Czech Republic, Holland

In the European Union, the proportion of Internet users having experienced certain common security issues over the Internet — such as viruses affecting devices, abuse of personal information, financial losses or children accessing inappropriate websites —stood at 25 percent in 2015.

In other words, three-quarters (75 percent) of Internet users encountered no such online security problems in 2015.

Across the EU member states, fewer than 15 percent of Internet users experienced security related problems in 2015 in the Czech Republic (10 percent), the Netherlands (11 percent), Slovakia (13 percent) and Ireland (14 percent).

At the opposite end of the scale were Croatia (42 percent), Hungary (39 percent), Portugal (36 percent), Malta (34 percent) and France (33 percent).

Internet users most likely to have caught a computer virus in Croatia, least likely in the Netherlands.

For those Internet users who had security related issues over the Internet in 2015, catching a virus or other computer infection (e.g. worm or Trojan horse) was the main problem experienced.

Slightly more than one Internet user out of five (21 percent) in the EU caught online a virus or other computer infection resulting in loss of information or time.

Across member states, the share of Internet users having caught a virus was highest in Croatia (41 percent), followed by Hungary (36 percent), Portugal (33 percent), France (29 percent), Bulgaria and Malta (both 28 percent).

In contrast, fewer than 10 percent of Internet users caught a virus or computer infection in the Netherlands (6 percent), the Czech Republic (8 percent) and Slovakia (9 percent).

Compared with 2010, the share of Internet users who caught a virus or other computer infection resulting in loss of information or time dropped in all member states by 2015, except Croatia.

Source: Eurostat

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