AvioniCS Control Systems lands in Valkenburg

The IT company AvioniCS Control Systems has recently established their business at Valkenburg Airbase in WestHolland. They chose this knowledge-intensive region for their business expansion in order to speed up their growth. AvioniCS will be developing and testing its autopilot systems for the aviation industry at this new location. InnovationQuarter and the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) facilitated the young company’s move and brought them in contact with supportive partners. On Thursday, April 9, deputy mayor ir. Klaas Jan van der Bent of the City of Katwijk welcomed Mr. Mauro García Acero, Managing Director of AvioniCS, to Valkenburg Airbase. He congratulated him on the establishment of his company and presented him with a special plaque.

AvioniCS develops and delivers a wide range of technological systems for a variety of industries, including automotive and aerospace. A separate division focuses on autopilot systems and high-quality components for the production of drones (remotely piloted aircraft systems). The company’s strength lies in its simple, reliable and functional solutions.

Valkenburg Airbase
AvioniCS began in 2012 as a start-up in the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Noordwijk, and successfully grew by taking advantage of the ESA development program. Upon completion of this program, the company was ready to continue its activities in a new location. Since 2014, InnovationQuarter and WFIA have been actively involved with the company, and helped to make their ambitious move to Valkenburg Airbase possible. AvioniCS’ office is located in Leiden, where they have four employees and four interns. The company expects to double its staff in about three years time.

AvioniCS was founded by Mr. Mauro García Acero, a specialist in communications, software development and aerospace technology, with years of experience in CNES, the French government space agency. García Acero believes the Valkenburg Airbase is an ideal environment to test the autopilot systems: “There is plenty of space, both inside and outside, to safely fly drones. Valkenburg is a strategic location for us, close to the large cities of The Hague and Amsterdam, where many other technology companies and organizations interested in drone technology are headquartered. In addition, we noticed that a number of organizations in this Province are promoting innovation and networks. In our opinion, this is crucial in order to grow our business further.”

Economic growth and employment
InnovationQuarter is pleased that AvioniCS has decided to stay in the region. Mr. Philip Meyer, Account Manager – Safety & Security, at InnovationQuarter, notes that unmanned aircraft systems are currently ‘hot’: “There is talk of a ‘Drone Valley’ at Valkenburg Airbase, an initiative that we, along with organizations such as TNO, VNO-NCW and The Hague Security Delta (HSD), applaud. The goal is to assemble a number of high-quality, knowledge-intensive industries in one place, which offers interesting opportunities for the West Holland region. The available space, combined with the airbase’s location, make it a well-suited site for the development of know-how in drone technology. It can generate numerous jobs, which means a huge boost to economic growth and employment in this area. ”

YES!Delft Incubation Program
García Acero appreciates the contacts that he has had with InnovationQuarter, and says they have been “extremely valuable”. “Their advice and practical support have helped us tremendously, and our business relationship has been very productive. In the future, we will surely reap the benefits of our joint efforts,” he stated. To help AvioniCS develop and market new products, InnovationQuarter is currently exploring possibilities for participation in the YES!Delft Incubation Program and the YES!Delft Community. The program focuses on entrepreneurs with concrete ideas for technical, innovative and scalable products.

Wings for Aid
The intermediary support of InnovationQuarter has also supported AvioniCS by introducing them to ‘Wings for Aid’, the initiative that wants to use drones for humanitarian purposes, for example, by supporting rescue operations in areas that are difficult to reach after a natural disaster. Drones can help by bringing in food and medicine.  Several companies, institutions and universities in the region, including TU Delft, have joined ‘Wings for Aid’.

About AvioniCS Systems
AvioniCS Control Systems specializes in the development of high performance autopilot systems for the aerospace industry, technology solutions and consulting.

The company has two divisions. One part is focused on drone technology and the development of autopilot systems that can be applied to all types of aircraft. The other division focuses on the development of customized technology solutions.

The ‘Internet of Things’, Technology 4.0, mobile solutions, sensors and communication technology are some of the integrated services that provide AvioniCS with the means to automate systems, and to develop both software and hardware solutions for various industries and users.  The development of autopilot and drone technologies is based on aviation technology, where high performance and exceptional reliability are the starting points.

AvioniCS’ experience in the space technology field has made it possible to implement exceptionally robust products for use under all types of circumstances.  As a result of their thorough research and development, as well as their experience in technological consulting, AvioniCS is able to provide optimal synergy in project delivery.  AvioniCS projects are selected and supported by international organizations, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the French Space Agency (CNES).

The Dutch company is established by Spanish engineers. The office is located in Leiden and a technical facility at Valkenburg Airbase.

Fotografie: © Daniel Verkijk /

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