10 reasons to invest


Strategic location

WestHolland is centrally located in the heart of Europe with a consumer market of 500 million people with a purchasing power among the highest in the world. With Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol (Europe’s best international airport) on our doorstep and the Port of Rotterdam (the largest seaport in Europe) as well as the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport only located 30 minutes away, the WestHolland region is a gateway to Europe.

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Attractive & competitive fiscal climate

The Netherlands has a competitive fiscal climate in comparison to other EU countries, with a strong focus on stimulating entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment. While corporate tax rates are in line with those of its European neighbors, various rulings make it very attractive for foreign companies to set up their European headquarters or Sales Office in the Netherlands. Among these features are:

  • A far-reaching tax treaty network: avoidance of double taxation
  • Corporate tax rate 25% (on profits in excess of €200,000 per annum)
  • A system of bonded warehouses ensuring duty is only paid on re-export
  • Advance tax ruling (ATR) whereby a company’s future tax liability is settled
  • Advanced pricing agreements (APA)
  • Innovation Box tax rate of 5% to stimulate Research & Development
  • Flex BV (LLC) Act, streamlines incorporation

The Netherlands also has a special tax regime for expatriates, the so-called 30% ruling, which provides a substantial income-tax exemption (up to 30%) on their salaries. This is viewed as a reimbursement of the extra costs involved in living abroad, making it more attractive for expats to live in the Netherlands.

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Excellent Infrastructure

The Hague is situated between Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is well connected to the rest of Europe by its extensive rail and motorway network. It boasts great railway connections with direct trains to Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. On top of that the national rail connection within the Netherlands is extensive.

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Best Internet & IT infrastructure

The Netherlands is classified by DHL Global Connectedness 2014 as the most ‘wired’ country in the world: described as a dynamic force in electronic commerce, communications and outsourcing. More than a decade of investment in high-speed internet, cable and digital communication systems, as well as the rapid adoption of state-of-the-art computer and cell phone technology, have created an ideal base for companies seeking to take advantage of modern technology.

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Multilingual, highly educated labor force

The Dutch government takes an active role in ensuring that the national labor requirements for businesses are met by stimulating an adequate output from the educational system. This means more than 85% of the Dutch speak English. This policy is strongly guided by a focus on the international position of the country. WestHolland boasts a number of outstanding academic institutions, many of which also offer English language programs.

  • Leiden University, Campus The Hague
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Webster University, Leiden
  • The Hague University of Professional Education
  • InHolland University of Applied Sciences
  • HS Leiden University of Applied Sciences

These institutions of higher learning have contributed significantly to the high level of qualified labor pool available in WestHolland. In total the region alone has about 70,000 students at any one time, with an average of 10,000 academic graduates per year.

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International business environment

The Hague, the largest city within the WestHolland region, is better-known as the International City of Peace and Justice (among the top 3 UN cities in the world with New York and Geneva), housing many NGO’s, international agencies and foreign companies. The region is home to more than 30 municipalities and 100 nationalities. It is the world in a nutshell with all this versatility echoed in the regions’ population and facilities. For the more than 50,000 expats living and working in the region, WestHolland actively invests in making this community feel at home.

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Largest choice of international schools

The Netherlands is known for its pursuit of internationalization in every field. Not the least of these is the field of education and an emphasis on languages. The Hague region is home to many excellent, high standard educational facilities, including the largest choice of international schools at both primary and secondary level. Long list of all international schools in the WestHolland.

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High quality of life

Quality of living is an important aspect for you, your employees and their families when moving abroad. Housing, education and public services in WestHolland are of a high standard, widely available and reasonably priced.
Recently, The Hague was voted 12th best city to live in worldwide, according to ECA International.

Moreover WestHolland offers an ideal mix of cultural, social and leisure activities and combines the facilities and entertainment options of a metropolitan area with outstanding natural beauty. The WestHolland region is already an expert host to thousands of expatriates, expat service centers and international networking and social clubs, thus facilitating the arrival of new people.

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Home to Key Science Clusters

With a clear focus on Life Science, IT, Connectivity and Innovation, the region boasts 3 top tier universities and award winning business Science parks, such as the Leiden Bio Science Park, The Hague Security Delta and the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA Estec).

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Stable political and legal environment

The Netherlands has one of the EU's most politically stable and pro-business governments. Its economy is internationally oriented and our country is recognized worldwide for its transparency, fairness and effectiveness.

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